Blackwell Global TradeGo

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A Seamless Experience in Stock Trading

Blackwell Global TradeGo is a trading platform and mobile app launched by Blackwell Global Securities for stock investors.

With a user-friendly interface and smooth operating functions, it provides real-time streaming quotes, commissioned orders, stock information and market news for major stock markets.

Blackwell Global TradeGo is a powerful and easy-to-use securities trading platform for both desktop and mobile, with the ability to open a securities account directly through the mobile app.

For traders seeking efficiency, Blackwell Global TradeGo enables traders to comprehensively grasp market opportunities and make investment decisions in a timely manner.

Key Advantages

  • Real-time detailed price depth and calculation of margin
  • Latest market status, cash flow, real-time profit and loss, transaction status, positions
  • Quote request to the market maker directly for the best bid/ask with quantity
  • Various order types to help you trade easily
  • Watchlists and alerts synchronise across platforms, allowing you to run a custom screen on your mobile app and access the results of that screen on your desktop
  • Streaming news alerts
  • Support for desktop and mobile devices
  • Open a stock trading account directly from the app

Note: The Blackwell Global TradeGo application is only available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Blackwell Global TradeGo Desktop Platform

The Blackwell Global TradeGo desktop platform is designed to be user-friendly with its intuitive interface allowing you to access sophisticated trading features effortlessly.

Blackwell Global TradeGo Mobile Application

The Blackwell Global TradeGo mobile trading app lets you act on every investment opportunity anywhere, anytime.
Note: The Blackwell Global TradeGo Mobile Application is only available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

  • How to Install Blackwell Global TradeGo for Mac OS
    1. Install Wine.
      Wine is a free software that allows programs which were written for Windows to run on a Mac. This includes the Blackwell TradeGo software.*Wine is a third-party software and is not a fully stable application. The performance of the applications that you may run under Wine could thus be affected.
    2. Install PlayOnMac.
      PlayOnMac is a Wine-based software that assists in your installation of Windows-based software on a Mac OS, including the Blackwell Trader TradeGo software.