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Blackwell Global gives you direct access to the global physical bullion market by buying and selling physical gold, silver
and platinum. Join ranks with the most successful investors and traders through the global physical bullion market.

What is “Allocated” Precious Metal?

All bullion traded on the exchange on an “allocated” basis means that the legal title remains with you, the client, at all
times and that your ownership and legal title to the bullion would survive any insolvency scenario. Any creditors
of the exchange would have no claim to your precious metal being held in the vaults; translating to physical
investments that literally and physically belong to you. The accounts are held by dealers in clients’ names,
on which are maintained balances of uniquely identifiable bars, plates or ingots of metal ‘allocated’ to a specific
customer and segregated from other metal held in the vault. The client has full title to this metal, with the
dealer holding it on the client’s behalf as custodian, via highly secure, third party storage vaults. For additional
transparency, metal in an allocated account does not form part of a precious metal dealer’s assets.

Trading Channels

1. By phone to your Account Executive/Customer Service Representative.

2. Via Internet trading platform.

3. By phone to the trading hotline: (852) 2117-3981 (Precious Metal)

Allocated Precious Metals Trading Hours

  • For allocated precious metals (gold/silver/platinum), trading is 23 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • The market is closed from 6am to 7am HKT. This will move an hour forward when Daylight Savings Time starts
    for Eastern Time (USA) on March 13 2016.

Buying and Selling Allocated Physical Bullion Online

  • 100% ownership, with no claim on the part of the exchange
  • Live pricing 23 hours a day, 5 days a week, from multiple liquidity providers and market makers located around
    the world
  • Enjoy higher liquidity and tighter spreads
  • AUD and USD denominated trading globally
  • Invest in physical Gold, Silver and Platinum wherever you are
  • High investment security with third-party vaulting providers: Malca-Amit, Loomis and Armaguard, and auditing
    and inspection specialists: BDO & Inspectorate.
  • Market-leading, third-party storage, insurance, audit, verification and logistics providers
  • Take delivery of your investment whenever you want to

Diversify your portfolio by trading from a broad range of Gold, Silver Platinum bars and coins at the click of a button through
our online bullion trading platform

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