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Empowered with the ability to create strategies based on your personal risk tolerance and variable trading flavours, RoboX is a trading machine that simplifies your trade process and minimises the time traders have to utilise in the acquisition of knowledge.


The Future of Trading is Here

RoboX uses sophisticated algorithms to help you create customized trading solutions with little to no trading education required on your part.


Smart Strategy Packages

With a database of over 1 billion trading strategies, RoboX determines your needs via a short questionnaire and creates for you the most appropriate trading package based on your risk appetite and trading preferences.


Save Precious Time

Fast and efficient, RoboX allows you to trade up to 3 times the trading volume you can get from trading manually in any market condition.


Staying Relevant

Stay up to date with automatic periodic updates that promote only the most sustainable trading strategies that match your trading profile.


Trade Anywhere, Anytime

On the go? RoboX is available to all devices at all times.